After working through a backlog we now present to you pervs a couple of stories from HARUKI’s Onee-San Fetish and NISHIEDA‘s art book Epidendrum completely uncensored – I know that most was done beforehand, but I learned about that too late. We won’t be releasing anything until March, so we hope these tide you over until then.

Please Let Me Help You Clean Up Your Room
The Young Proprietress’ Worries


Back again…

It didn’t escape our notice that there was a spike in visitor traffic to our site three days ago. We didn’t really plan on releasing anything for Christmas or the New Year for that matter. But anyway, we were struck with a sudden urge to do something today so here you go: the last three chapters of A Journey to Uroshima and a oneshot from the Onee-san Fetish anthology. Take it as a belated Christmas present or whatever if you will.

Also, guess what?


It would be interesting to see how the ratings of Uroshima will change (if anyone cares, lol) now that it has been completely scanlated, especially since the mango takes a turn for the weird in the last three chapters. But yeah, it’s a nice kind of weird and not at all gratuitous, if we may say so. You guys see for yourselves.

Both of these series are NSFW so make sure your little sis’ reads them, just better not at work.

A Journey to Uroshima chapters 5 to 7 (end) 1600px
A Journey to Uroshima chapters 5 to 7 (end) 2400px
The Pantry Woman

Full volume download of Uroshima is available on our IRC channel.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays~

P.s.: I just remembered: we forgot 2 pages at the end of chapter 3… Find them in the full volume pack – On IRC! 😛 (And don’t try to tell me your school’s router doesn’t like IRC, I know you got a connection at home if you download from this site ;))

Proof of life

Yay, another post to indicate that we still live. Yep, still warm and twitching. And with a robotic arm. I’m not making any sense, but I hope this story will, to you: “Oneself” by Oh! Great (that Tenjou Tenge guy). It’s a nice, futuristic one-shot with (kinda) oldschool art from his Naked Star collection. Just so you know, it’s NSFW.



We’re not dead yet! \o/

We’ve been very busy of late and it looks like it’s gonna be like that for a little longer but rest assured that we’ll still be churning out releases on a semi-regular basis (whatever that means :P). So anyway, here’s another hentai oneshot for your reading pleasure. You can also visit us on IRC and download our releases there.

And by the way, we’ll release in .CBZ format instead of .ZIP from now on. Basically the same, just that a .CBZ is accepted by E-book readers. If you want the single pages as in the good ol’ days, just unpack it as you would with a usual .ZIP.

Old releases are updates to .CBZ format for download on IRC, as with mediafire, we’re too lazy to replace all them links. Hence we won’t update them there. (Means: only new releases are in .CBZ format on MF.)


The Librarian’s Melancholy


It’s been a while since we last released something which is not NSFW, so here ya go, a story from Keyaki no Ki. This chapter has been sitting for like half a year now. Better late than never, right? Okay, before someone cites me in contempt of using cliches, imma sign off. Download links are below, but you can also visit us on IRC and leech from our bot (courtesy of Illuminati Manga – thanks, guys) at

My Brother’s Life (1600px)
My Brother’s Life (2400px)

Something nicely wrapped for y’all.

It’s been more than a week since our last release dump, and it looks like the slacker cannot really slack off too much even on a weekend. :< So in between episodes of Treme on a hot and lazy Sunday, we bring you a new story from HARUKI’s Onee-san Fetish. By the way, we have a release bot in our chan, so leech from us at if you use IRC. Download link is still available below. If you are visiting our site for the first time, please take note this release is NSFW.

The Service Desk